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How it Works

Shawn Thomas Studios - Online Mixing Mastering Recording Production

1. Create/Upload

Record/produce your music from a home studio or other professional studio, and then upload your files to my server.

Shawn Thomas Studios - Online Mixing Mastering Recording Production

2. The Magic Happens

STS mixes and/or masters your song(s) ensuring professional, radio-ready quality at industry standards.

Shawn Thomas Studios - Online Mixing Mastering Recording Production

3. Download Project

You have the opportunity to review and submit revisions and then receive your finished project.

If your song has fewer than 5 tracks, or if your song is longer than 6 minutes, your rate(s) may be different and a specific quote will be provided.  (See below.)

Completed work can be delivered in both HQ mp3 (320kbps) and wav file formats, as well as hard copy audio CD suitable for duplication/replication. All recordings will remain the property of the artist or other legally attached party once paid for and completed. Any licensing or permission needed for "cover" songs are the responsibility and liability of the artist, not of Shawn Thomas or Shawn Thomas Studios.

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Services and Rates

Shawn Thomas Studios (STS) specializes in mixing and mastering projects that have been recorded in home or professional studios.

Online Mixing Services

Many artists are developing their own recording "chops" and going the DIY route in laying down their tracks, but still need a professional studio to bring the final mix up to industry standards. Or, maybe you've finished recording at another studio, but would like a new set of ears for the mix-down. Here's what STS can provide:

Mix includes assessment and application of appropriate EQ, gain/level, compression, and FX such as reverb and delay. Also included are TWO revisions of the mix based on your notes and feedback.

Professional mix of an already "completed" recorded song: $250 per song.
IMPORTANT: A "completed" recorded song means all clean-up, compling, and general editing have already been completed. 

Online Mastering Services

Mastering is a process that occurs after recording and mixing for all songs for a project/album is completed. The songs are put in order and "mastered" so that levels, EQ, timing, volumes, frequencies, and quality match from song to song and throughout the album or EP. Mastering projects that were recorded and/or mixed at other studio are welcome. 

Mastering includes proper compression, EQ balancing, limiting and leveling to industry standards (while preserving dynamic range), song sequencing and timing, as well as CD-text embedding and digital tags of the whole project.

Fully mastered CD/Album or EP to "industry levels:"
$35 per song.
IMPORTANT: Mastering can NOT fix a bad mix. Although any mix will improve with quality and tasteful mastering, a mix-is a mix-is a mix. 



Shawn Thomas - Shawn Thomas Studios - Online Mixing Mastering Recording Production

SHAWN THOMAS is a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter who began his production and recording training in 1990 under Jeff Peters of Chateau Productions (Dallas/LA), and later graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BA in Music Industry and Recording Industry Management. He has been a voting member of the Grammy National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and is a writer/publisher member of ASCAP and CCLI. Shawn is a Pride in the Arts Awards recipient for Producer of the Year.


Please tell STS about your project.
NOTE - Shawn Thomas Studios (STS) is principally a Mixing and Mastering Studio. Full recording projects or other studio requests will be considered, but on a limited basis. Be sure to describe your project and needs in detail so that a full assessment can be made. You will be contacted within 48 hours if your project is a match or if additional information is needed.